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Waste & Waste Water Management
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Swan Analytical Instruments: State-of-the-Art Measuring and Control Instruments for Perfect Water Quality

SWAN is a leading global provider of online analytical systems in the water industry. We are completely dedicated to water analysis, developing, producing and selling technologically advanced instruments for the control of water quality.

Our analytical instruments are developed by highly qualified engineers, making our products rank as leaders for safety in operation, user-friendliness and reliability. SWAN's current product portfolio is very broad, as it includes ultrapure water (like pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications), feedwater, steam and condensate monitoring, potable water, industrial water treatment, as well as swimming pool and sanitary water applications.

High purity waterAmmonium
Feedwater, steam and condensateChlorine / ozone / ClO2
Pharma waterConductivity and resistivity
Potable waterHydrazine / carbohydrazide
Pool and sanitaryNitrate
Cooling waterOxygen (dissolved)
Waste water and effluentspH
 Redox (ORP)
 Total organic carbon

Today, more than 85 people work for SWAN in Switzerland, and approximately 120 people work for SWAN worldwide. Even the founders, part of the Director's Board, are still active in the company's research and development department. SWAN is 100% employee-owned.

Production - Made in Switzerland

Our strive towards excellence makes us your ideal partner. We succeed by relying on long-term supplier relationships, and ensuring steady improvement towards the quality of parts.

SWAN understands that quality cannot be achieved without employee commitment. Our very skilled and motivated specialists are wholly dedicated to delivering results. As well as this, SWAN employees acknowledge the value of self-responsibility to attain flat organisation structure, and pleasant and convenient working conditions.

In-house manufacturing is necessary for critical parts. Every sensor and instrument has been developed and manufactured at SWAN's headquarters in Switzerland. From the machine part, to the final assembly, each stage of manufacture undergoes rigorous quality control procedures. No instrument leaves the company without a final testing under real conditions.

Only by these diverse quality checks, can we follow our principle: every instrument must perform to the full satisfaction of its user.

Global representation

SWAN co-operates with independent representatives all over the world. SWAN works with highly experienced distributors in 46 countries.

In 14 countries, SWAN has established subsidiaries in the markets of Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the UK and the US.


SWAN was founded on January 1st 1991 by a group of experienced engineers (chemists, physicist, electricians, software developers). SWAN focuses on the development and manufacturing processes of analytical instruments for monitoring the water quality.

Initially, only 10 people worked for SWAN, including the founders. They primarily concentrated on swimming pool and sanitary water applications, as well as waste water treatment. Following this however, SWAN very quickly set the standard for the control of many other water quality parameters.

As such, the company expanded their activities to the power generation market (water-steam-cycle monitoring) and semiconductor industries. With entry into the power market, the rapid growth of SWAN started.

During that time, the company SWAN Systeme AG emerged from the original SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG. Customer-specific requests for projects, overall projects and systems led to the foundation of SWAN Systeme AG.

Contact details:

Studbachstrasse 13
CH-8340 Hinwil
Phone: +41 44 943 6300
Email: sales@swan.ch
Website: www.swan.ch